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Non-Executive Director Recruitment | Getting a Board Position | ProNed Australia
Non Executive Director Search, Corporate Governance
Non Executive Director Search, Corporate Governance

Non Executive Director Search, Corporate Governance

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Becoming a Non-Executive Director

< 1O% Chance

If you are looking for board positions there is one vital statistic you need to know.  Less than 10% of people searching for Board positions will get one.

There is an abundance of highly talented C level managers in Australia and very few board positions.  Add to that Australia being one of the most desirable destinations for migration and suddenly you are competing in a global talent pool.

If you plan to casually seek Board positions then you are unlikely to be successful.  You need to strategically target the boards and positions to which you are suited and have a long term plan for building your profile and credentials to ensure you are shortlisted when positions become available. Having a good strategic plan still doesn't guarantee success but it will give you a fighting chance.

Submit Your CV

The simplest step is to submit your CV to ProNed. You are able to do this free of charge.  Email your CV to, and we will contact you if we have any immediate opportunities.  Please note because of the large numbers of CV's received, we will only call you if opportunities are available that match your skill set.  If you would like more detailed feedback please feel free to book a consultation with us.

Book A Consultation

If you would like assistance with your strategy and would like to refer to Philip Higginson, CEO of ProNed Australia Pty Ltd, located at Level 1, 299 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW, you may book a consultation with him through this website. He is available for private coaching & consulting sessions in Sydney only to help you develop your board acquisition strategy. During your 45 minute coaching and consulting session we will:

  • Assess the opportunities available to you
  • Identify key areas for further boosting your credentials
  • Plan how to raise your profile in the right circles
  • Advise an Action Plan for you to construct and develop within your own capability to increase your odds of securing a board seat - this by its very nature has to be a medium to long term plan

You will leave the session with a clearer idea of your chances and what you need to do to improve your likelihood of success.

Philip charges $325.00 incl GST for these  consulting & coaching sessions. To book your session simply complete the form below.  The system will then let you know about the associated fees and next steps.

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